Tips To Keep Mold Colonies From Forming

Tips To Keep Mold Colonies From Forming

Mold is a microscopic natural organism that exists everywhere. It is outside, inside, in the air, and on every surface. A mold spore is harmless, a mold colony can be dangerous. A colony can form and begin to spread within forty-eight hours of a spore coming in contact with a water source. The irritants and allergens produced by a colony can cause health issues, cause damage to property, and weaken the structural integrity if a building. Once a mold colony forms, it takes a termite control lakeland fl to re-mediate the area and restore mold back to normal levels.

The key element is the water source. Prevent the water source and the potential for a colony is drastically reduced. The water source can be a leak, standing water, excess moisture, a puddle, high humidity, condensation, or even a broken seal on a door or window. Any of those issues are not detected, so mold grows and spreads extensively before any odor is noticed or any visual signs appear. By the time a homeowner notices signs of mold, Mold Removal Lakeland is essential.

Some routine maintenance, extra care, and diligent cleaning can keep colonies from forming. Avoid the need for Lakeland mold removal by following a few easy tips. Have the roof inspected at least every six months. Many leaks that start on the roof cause major damage and illness before homeowners are aware of any issues. If a leak is found on the roof, or a blockage is discovered in a gutter, have it repaired immediately, and call a company to inspect the roof and attic for mold. Advanced equipment can detect mold colonies at their earliest stages.

Getting heating and air conditioning systems and ducts cleaned on a regular basis will also prevent mold colonies from forming. Condensation and excess moisture can collect, making those areas a perfect place for infestation. Take the time to inspect the basement once a month, especially if it is not a finished space that is used often. Check the corners of the garage, and the spaces under the garage door for puddles or leaks. Clean up any extra water and get seals fixed if necessary.

Using the fan in the bathroom when showering, and drying the shower after cleaning it are easy ways to prevent mold from becoming a problem. If mold is suspected at any time, contact a company that specializes in mold removal Lakeland. It makes more sense to have the area inspected than it does to wait and have to deal with the process of cleanup, sanitizing, and restoration.

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